Lead Generation & Sales Appointment Setting


Traditional cold calling is dead! The idea of hammering the phone to hundreds of businesses in the vague hope that one of those may be interested has long gone.

At Great Guns we are a fresh new breed of telemarketers using industry leading technology to lock onto clients with a genuine interest to maximise time and effort.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Access to all calls made. Complete transparency of our work.
ISMM accredited

ISMM accredited

Our Directors have diplomas in sales and marketing.
FREE Set Up & Ongoing Training

FREE Set Up & Ongoing Training

Building strong long term relationships with our customers.


We have the in-house talent to always stay one step ahead

Stage 1

Data Cleansing & Research

“35% of all company data becomes obsolete in less than a year”.

We have the Time, Talent & Tenacity

We qualify companies in or out! Focusing on the one’s with a genuine interest in your product gathering valuable information along the way.

  • Decision makers name, Job title, Direct telephone number, Email address
  • Estimated annual spend & who the current use
  • Contract renewal date & new supplier process

Stage 2


Using industry leading technology and business intelligence tools we nurture, engage and track potential customers.

All our staff have the business acumen to ask the correct questions and establish a need and also have the ability to adapt their conversation ensuring we represent you in the most natural possible way.

It is at this stage of the process that we show our true talent, building relationships and gathering a pipeline of potential opportunities.

Stage 3

Lead Generation & Sales Appointment setting

We consistently deliver the following on a regular basis.

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Webinars
  • Phone meetings
  • Demos
  • Passing hot leads to sales teams

We email over the call recording for every meeting we book.

Contact us now to find out more and arrange a full system demo.

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Test Pilot & Research Campaign

  • Business Learning:

    After you place your order, we will meet and discuss your business, its needs, what makes it tick and exactly what you want to gain from the campaign.

  • Product Training

    Once we know your business it’s time to learn the product. During this time we will also develop our ‘loose call guide’ and train our staff using our specialised app.

  • Establishing the Data

    This can be existing data from you or we can acquire data – detailed to the finest requirement from our broker.

  • Systems

    Then it’s back to the office to set up all our systems ready to call out.