The buyers journey has changed forever


The buyers journey has changed forever

The Buyers Journey has changed  forever

According to research, buyers are interacting with sales people less and less. Research also shows that around the first 69% of the buying journey is done online before even speaking to a sales person.

It doesn’t matter if the product or service is complex either. Buyers still prefer to research the product on their own and make a calculated decision. There are just so many purchasing options to choose from, and an endless amount of information and reviews to provide everything you would need to know beforehand.


Become a thought leader and a “go to” in your industry by offering more content and related information online whilst keeping your brand at the forefront of buyers minds.

Human interaction will be needed with longer buying cycles and a combination of sales phone contact and marketing nurturing will be required.

During this time, marketing will continue to nurture and solve problems whilst sales gets to know the contact further plus Marketing automation software will give you an insight into their behaviour informing you of their likes and dislikes.

The solution is an easy one. Buyers are actually proving to be self-sufficient but only because of the efforts of a healthy marketing/sales union.

B2B sales teams are indeed endangered and research suggests around 22% of sales roles will soon be eliminated, in the traditional form within about 5 years.

On the bright side, however, consultant positions will increase in demand, giving insight on how salespeople may want to convert. Consultants, it seems, are most adept at utilizing automation in sales and marketing strategies, and this could be the reason why. This is how the best marketing automation software operators work.

What does this mean?

Basically, instead of traditional sales positions, the future will bring an increase in the need for more sophisticated professionals. The consultant has more knowledge of solutions or products and services. They are proficient at offering advice to organizations and can deal effectively with specialists. According to circumstances, the consultant can offer expertise in particular sectors and this pairs well with marketing efforts.

The message is clear. The best solution for salespeople is gaining as much knowledge as possible and staying current. The simple act of changing titles to consultant based positions will also help you stand out above the rest. Saving the salesman, it seems it just about recreating a role, a role that will stand the test of time.

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