Footprint, Carbon footprint, now we have the…

digital footprint

Footprint, Carbon footprint, now we have the…

Footprint, Carbon footprintdigital footprint


noun: digital footprint; plural noun: digital footprints

the word used to describe the trail, traces or “footprints” that people leave online.

Every web page you visit, every email you open, every social media post you read and every advert you click leaves a digital footprint trail. Marketing Automation software uses this data to gain a competitive business edge.

Companies are amassing huge amounts of data daily about existing and potential customers via marketing activities allowing them to study buying patterns, trends and most importantly what is working best! The problem is that most of this data is being generated from several different systems and in some cases not tracked at all. In simple terms by sending out all your marketing from one platform allows you to then track and piece together all this data under one roof.

Most companies wouldn’t dream of having several different systems for their sales invoices, supplier invoices, payroll, vat, etc they would simply use an all-in-one finance software package, so why should you still be doing it with your sales & marketing activities. With everything under one roof within a Marketing Automation system you can now piece together their footprints of where they have been and what they have been interested in whilst slowly guiding them to their desired goal.

Every day that passes by where you don’t have a central hub for sending out your digital marketing will result in a loss of this information to be evaluated as a whole.

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