What happens in an Internet Minute

Internet minute

What happens in an Internet Minute

What happens in one internet minute

You only have to look at the mind-boggling figures to give you an idea of the amount of footprint trails individuals are leaving as they go about their daily lives. No wonder these companies are worth billions and the main reason is the amount data they have access to for marketing back to these individuals.
These companies tend to know the individuals better than their own families!!! From what their favourite take away is, what pet they have, to where they like to go on holiday, literally these companies have millions of individual profiles to market a whole range of products and services to.


What does this mean for Communications and Marketing Agencies?

The mass majority of these numbers have significantly increased from what happened in an Internet minute last year. This goes to show how consumers are continuously utilizing the Internet more and more each day.

These numbers are increasing every day, every minute and every second. This Big Data disruption leaves many opportunities for Marketing agencies to experience its benefits. With the right infrastructure in place and innovative, forward-thinking campaigns, marketers can cut costs and significantly increase revenues. Ultimately, the customer experience and satisfaction rates will improve, ensuring future success and sustainability for the marketing industry.

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