Inbound Marketing Explained

inbound marketing explained

Inbound Marketing Explained

Push or Pull?


Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing strategies

With the rise of the internet and digital marketing there are now 2 types of stategies to promote your business, Inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

As time goes by more businesses are swaying towards the new Inbound marketing methods but old traditional outbound methods still play a vital part in winning new customers.

A closer look at inbound marketing and outbound marketing

When using Inbound marketing, attention is naturally drawn to your product and brand online. The more your business offers in the way of the latest industry news, product reviews and general help and advice the more of a trusted source you become.

Reasons why inbound marketing is a good idea:

  • Customers deserve the freedom to choose how they buy and what research they feel is important prior to purchasing. Inbound marketing just guides them along the way.
  • Inbound marketing builds brands and improves customer/salesman relations.
  • Inbound Marketing makes you a thought leader within your industry and a “go to” company.

Ways to utilize inbound marketing

  • Blogging– This is where you can promote new products and be a trusted source for regular up to date industry insights.
  • Social Media– Become an ambassador for your business and act as a news broadcaster for all things relevant and current whilst networking and building rapport
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Finding the best prospects is a key goal with SEO. Remember: Write for people, not for search engines!

Why Traditional outbound methods are still important

Outbound marketing typically involves talking instead of listening. This kind of marketing is used for mass coverage and more a “numbers game” effect.

We still find this can be extremely important to hook prospects onto your story or for brand awareness. This strategy can sometimes be the starting point of their journey for you to then listen to their needs and questions whilst automating them through a digital journey via Inbound marketing.

What Outbound marketing accomplishes

  • Telemarketing can separate the yes’s from the no’s even if they are not ready to buy yet.
  • It can create a buzz around your brand and any new offers or products.
  • It can reach out to prospects which would never have found you before.
  • Because its more about talking then listening prospects can hear things that they would never have known whilst they were doing their own research.

Tools used in outbound marketing

  • Telemarketing
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Video marketing
  • TV adverts
  • Email marketing
  • Trade shows
  • Online PPC adverts


Inbound marketing is nothing without the traditional failproof tactics of outbound marketing and vice versa. So, maybe we should stop pitting one against the other and consider the success rate that comes with integrating the two. It’s all about balance and the push and pull of making the sale and even the long-term business relationship.

Have you embraced Inbound marketing yet and got the balance and new strategies in place to future-proof your business?

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