Marketing Automation for Business owners

Marketing Automation for Business owners

Marketing Automation for Business owners



Marketing Automation software has many benefits for sales and marketing teams BUT its ultimately about increasing profit that counts.


In this digital age everything can be analysed and all areas of a business can be measured. If you do not embrace technology and future-proof your business, you may well get left behind.

Business owners can now see exactly what is making them money and what is not! Marketing Automation software allows you to implement a scientific process that will test, analyse and report everything that goes on in your sales process.

We believe now is the tipping point for SME’s to embrace Marketing Automation or get left behind for good! The sooner you start the process the sooner you will start to gather valuable data on your customers and prospects to use in your advantage moving forward.


We totally understand if you are new to the idea and struggling to take those first steps, so here is some more Marketing Automation information to reassure you,


Digital footprint Tracking

Marketing Automation software tracks search history and other activities to understand the needs and wants of the prospective buyer.

Not only does this help the salesman understand who buyers are, it also helps businesses know what level of decision making that buyers have reached in the sales funnel.


Inbound leads

One role a Marketing Automation platform plays is making the most of your inbound leads. By focusing more on these leads and fine tuning them within the platform will increase revenue and close ratio.


Lead Score

Individuals are given a score for each interacting with your company. Whether it be 30pts for opening an email to higher scores like 250pts for visiting your pricing page or viewing a product demo video. These points over a period of time add up and inform you who is having the most interaction and obviously the most interested in what you do!


Feeding the leads

Once the Lead has been established marketing Automation software can nurture the lead and slowly engage with the contact over a long period of time until ready.

This nurturing is achieved in the term of “workflows” and through tested methods, a certain set of marketing activity is triggered.


Cutting Overheads

Customers are searching for modern solutions, let’s face it. So, with that being said, a modern inbound marketing plan bridges the communication gap.

Human beings are expensive, and this is one reason we are transitioning to a more modern world. With automation, the budget can be decreased up to 80%, which is unfortunate for many employees but fortunate for businesses when looking at the big picture.


The sales cycle

There is no certain area of the marketing and sales model that pushes the buyer over the edge. It is a culmination of several elements that convinces the buyer to make a decision. These elements reside all along the sales funnel and works in conjunction with scoring and monitoring options as well.


Measuring the journey

Finally, Marketing Automation ensures that metrics are absorbed and monitored allowing businesses to gauge between what works and what needs work. Even successful and quick sales experiences have stories to tell and statistics to adjust. It’s an ever-changing process which will always rely heavily on monitoring, measuring and communication between buyer, selling and the marketing team which started the whole process to begin with.

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