How Marketing Automation benefits Marketing

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How Marketing Automation benefits Marketing

Marketing departments benefit from marketing Automation by,

  • Capturing and analysing data from multiply sources within one single area
  • Focusing on companies with an interest in your products/services
  • Integrating marketing activities with sales to create a seamless experience for buyers
  • Developing relationships from the very start of a customer’s buying cycle
  • Timing your messages for maximum impact

A complete overview of your Prospects interaction

Managing your marketing using separate systems that don’t talk to each other is near impossible to get an accurate and complete overview of your prospects and customers behaviour.  If you are sending out and monitoring marketing material via email systems, web analytics, PPC trackers, social media platforms you will have an array of valuable data on individuals BUT not viewable from a single platform.

Marketing Automation systems track and piece together all your marketing efforts under one roof. This allows you to combine all your data together giving you a 360-degree view of each individual. This results in you being able to see exactly how an individual is engaging with your marketing efforts enabling you to deliver personalised content that will improve their customer experience whilst pushing them through their buying cycle.

A powerful marketing platform

Within the platform marketing teams can create automated lead nurturing workflows that are designed to develop relationships with prospects over a long period of time. With big ticket items, the sales cycles can be long and suppliers need to be guiding prospects along the journey until they are ready to buy. Messages are sent over time, across a variety of networks, based on prospect activities and predefined campaign steps. This generates well-qualified leads that have shown interest and are fully engaged.

Nurturing prospects through the funnel

Marketing automation shows you exactly where each individual contact is on their buying cycle, giving you valuable information about what action to take next.

Measuring results easier whilst improving where you spend your marketing budget

With its ability to gather data digital marketing has made it easier to measure marketing campaigns and Marketing Automation platforms have taken that to the next level. This also coincides with business owners analysing every aspect of their business as the world becomes even more competitive.

The platform brings all your data into a single actionable set of reports and helps you to optimise your marketing investments:

Measure and Test

The ability to run A/B tests helps your company to learn what works in different industries or at different times allowing you to boost your marketing efforts

A/B testing for example is when you send out the same email to 10% of your list with subject title “A” and 10% of your list with subject title “B” and whichever one performs best you send to the remaining 80% of your list.


Marketing automation allows you to see which marketing campaigns are generating the most revenue allowing you to easily adapt and spend your money more wisely.

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