Marketing Automation benefits sales and marketing

benefits marketing and sales

Marketing Automation benefits sales and marketing

Marketing Automation benefits sales and marketing.


An Unqualified lead can seriously reduce a sales persons productivity plus it can waste a lot of their time dealing with prospects that are just not ready to engage. Making sure your whole team is aligned on what criteria makes a good lead and having a Marketing Automation platform in place for intelligence is vital for success.

The magic of valuable leads

Leads are like crops. They can be grown and get left to survive on their own or they can be nourished. Marketing automation gives leads the nourishment that they need to grow stronger and marketing teams the muscle they need to nurture leads more effectively. If you track these leads effectively, you can understand the additional content and strategies needed to further the growth. Then you can guide them the rest of the way through the buying funnel.

Better Lead Intelligence

Productivity is easily increased when leads are already biting. This is a given. It doesn’t really take that much intelligence to push something that’s already moving in the right direction.

The platform has a Dashboard which presents customer intelligence and pushes alerts to sales teams of which content is most popular. This gives sales the opening they need to start a conversation.

For example, if a buyer is viewing a product or service other than the one you are pushing for, then this exhibits a whole new purchase option to discuss. This opens up new avenues of discussion and allows the seller to develop new strategies and inside information of what the prospects needs and requirements are.

Marketing in unison with sales

Lead leakage is when leads fall through or lose interest during their journey. This happens most of the time when marketing fails to work properly with sales, or vice versa. The whole process fails at integration.

Automation must be a blended effort with both parties willing to work at the same pace on the same level. Integration ensures a stable environment in which the lead can grow into a sale.

Why do leads fade? There are several reasons.


  • Failure to follow up in a timely manner


Solution: Each individual contact/ prospect in the platform is given a Points score based on how much interaction they have had with your company ie. 50pts for opening an email 250pts for visiting the pricing page of your website. The dashboard will display all prospects in scoring order making it easy for the sales rep to prioritise their follow up calls.


  • Lack of communication


Solution:If sales cannot get hold of the prospect, the automated system passes the lead back to marketing for further nourishment. The cycles continue and communication is not lost. Eventually, sales will be able to engage once more.


  • Giving up on a lead


Solution: The automated system keeps in touch with all prospects, reminding them of why they were interested in the business, to begin with. The system will continue to build a relationship and keep the buyer curious.


  • Lead drops out of the loop


Solution: The automated system will keep in contact with the lead until they are ready to re-engage.

Leads are important. They are the seeds that ultimately control the success of each business. In order to grow your business and expand, you will need to make sure that leads are a top priority. After all, they are the buyers and only way a business can exist.


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