The real reason shops want your email address to send you a receipt…

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The real reason shops want your email address to send you a receipt…


They claim it’s to send you a receipt. But they actually just want to sell you more.

It’s on the increase
Personally, I have noticed an increase over the past year but it was only today when I visited 2 shops at lunchtime and they BOTH wanted my email address, that I began to realise Marketing Automation is becoming mainstream. The first was in Mothercare when purchasing a bath towel for my son, then again in schuh when buying a pair of trainers also for little Henry!
Now here’s the smart bit!

Once I receive and open that email I am now “cookied”. The company knows my IP address and any further interaction with the company is monitored and they know who I am. They can track me every time I go on their website and know every single page I visit whilst sending me further emails depending on what products or categories I have viewed. Also from my original purchase of a 1 year olds blue towel and a pair of Adidas size 5 trainers from their Reading store they now know I am probably from Reading and have a 1 year old baby boy whose price budget is around £40 on a pair of kid’s trainers!!

Did you know
sales assistants are given targets on how many email addresses they get and given bonuses for doing so. It just proves the value and importance of this whole process, its literally the difference between sink or swim in an ever-changing digital world.

Win- Win
It’s not all bad in the “big brother” world, the plus sides as a consumer receiving a receipt via email are,
1.e-receipts are much more environmentally friendly and saves a lot of paper
2.if there’s a problem with the product, you can’t lose the receipt
3.And from a marketing point of view at least the company will be trying to sell things to me with a better knowledge of what I like and require.

The future is even more mind boggling
Imagine this, you walk into a shoe shop and the women in the store is alerted you have been online last night looking at a pair of Nike trainers in a size 6, she immediately goes to the store room and presents you with these exact trainers. Also, the tracking on their app as you walk in is activated and monitors your precise location in the store and what sections of clothes you are looking at indicating heat spots of areas you frequently hover around. This once again triggers an automated email on these products and when your next in store these items are presented to you!! This is part of the complete customer experience and offers customers their own personal assistant.
Retailers are trying to build more long-term relationships with customers and bring some much-needed loyalty back to the purchasing world. The internet and social media has made it so easy to flip from one brand to another whilst getting a cheaper deal, but as we all know this isn’t always the best solution. Also, customers don’t want to make so many decisions anymore resulting in brands having to learn as much as possible about us!!

Marketing Automation software is becoming mainstream
Have you implemented a system for your business yet?

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