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Rethink Marketing

About us

We Future proof your marketing in a rapidly changing world

At Great Guns we are a fresh new breed of forward thinking marketers keeping you one step ahead of the competition. For the same price as a full-time employee, hire an expert team of Strategists, Designers, Telemarketers and Digital Specialists.

In the past 2 years marketing has changed more than in the last 50 and the next 5 years will see no slowdown in the pace of technological change.


Why choose Great Guns Marketing?

Marketing Automation Agency Partner

We are an agency partner with one of the world’s leading Marketing Automation software providers. We have built up a solid relationship with them over the past few years ensuring we get the priority help and support to successfully deliver your campaign.

Multi-talented Team

Our staff are the heartbeat of our company. The modern marketer requires an array of skills, not only do they need to be creative and good with design they also need to be IT literate and have a passion for sales and results. All our staff receive a structured training and coaching program leading to external audited awards plus every member of the team is fully HubSpot certified through their university program.


With over 20 years’ experience and sales & marketing diploma’s our directors are considered thought leaders in the inbound marketing & Marketing Automation industry. Our managing director has previous knowledge of running a business and knows exactly how important it is to keep up with the latest trends and generate new customers.


We act as an extension to your sales & marketing team adding value in areas you are unfamiliar with. Our purpose is to ensure you have the latest systems and strategies in place to compete in the modern business world. All our services are extremely flexible, working with you on short term contracts and from as little as 6 days per month.

Marketing is changing – Don’t get left behind

  • Fed up of the “scatter gun” approach with email shots?
  • Oblivious to who is on your website
  • Don’t know who is reading your blogs & news feeds?
  • Embarrassed about interrupting people’s day with overly pushy Sales calls
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