Our Strategy

Pull customers in naturally

Our Strategy

Interrupting people with overly pushy phone calls and promotional emails is not effective anymore!

Inbound marketing focuses on pulling prospects in naturally whilst tracking them through their entire buying journey

By concentrating on the challenges your customers face at each stage of their buying cycle you can educate and help them with relevant content guiding them along the way until it’s time to purchase.

Our Strategy Methodology

1 A Website with Beauty & Brains

Where are buyers looking for answers? Online. 67% of a buyer’s journey is researched online way before even contemplating calling a supplier. We integrate your website with our all in one Marketing Automation platform plus make sure all your social media channels are also connected.

  • Fresh, Responsive & Mobile friendly
  • Valuable educational content in exchange for contact details
  • “Calls to action” with well placed contact forms

2 Drive more visitors to your website

Using various social media channels and our proven strategy we engage with your prospects online. By helping and educating your audience about solutions to their problems we drive more traffic to your website to explain more.

  • Audience related content
  • Establish where your prospects hangout online
  • Become a thought leader in your industry

3 Start Tracking the warm Leads

Offering valuable content in exchange for their contact details we filter out the interested prospects. Then using the power of Marketing Automation software you have now turned a visitor from unknown to known, tracking all previous and future activities.

  • Turn anonymous website visitors into known
  • Track individuals throughout their entire buying process
  • Once hooked all future and past interaction can be monitored

4 Automated journeys

Business buying decisions are rarely instant. Using the magic of our Marketing Automation platform we build further digital content in the background which is automatically triggered until the prospect is ready to speak to someone.

  • Once set up the program will run automatically
  • Certain content will be triggered for different individual’s needs.
  • Lead scoring- Points systems will let you know once a prospect is ready

5 Companies that are Ready to buy

Once you have resolved all the prospects concerns and offered them a solution they will reach a certain points score which will flag up and notify someone to call them.

  • Fully qualified sales Leads
  • Inside knowledge of exactly what they require
  • Non- pushy phone calls

6 Long term customers & promoters

Marketing Automation doesn’t stop once you make a sale. Amazon is a great example of how you can automate processes to gain repeat business whilst encouraging customers to leave reviews and promote your brand via social media channels.

  • Automated programs to up sell & cross sell
  • Using the power of social media customers become promoters
  • Existing customers are 50% more likely to try a new product

7 Analyse

The most important element of using an all in one platform is the ability to analysis your entire marketing efforts in one system. By focusing on what marketing messages are working, you can substantially save huge  amounts of time and money whilst rapidly increasing your results on future campaigns.

  • A-B Testing – Is email “A” or “B” performing better…
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)- what’s adding the most value.
  • Tailor your marketing messages based on customer patterns and trends
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