Email Marketing

Combining Email Marketing & Telemarketing increases Lead Generation ROI by up to 52%

Email marketing gives us the intelligence and tracking needed to filter and focus on making phones calls to companies that have an interest in what you do and are engaging with your marketing messages.


We can track the following when undertaking email marketing campaigns and report back to you with numbers and statistics:

  • Who opened the email
  • How many times they opened the email
  • Who Clicked on to an attached PDF or Hyperlink
  • Who Clicked through to your website
  • What Pages they went on to and how long they spent on each page
  • Who Unsubscribed


This is valuable information for creating future campaigns as you can gauge who is interested in your services.


This then creates warm lists for the telemarketing agents to pursue as they are calling people we know are aware of your company and services.


Email campaigns can be integrated into telemarketing to boost results or run as effective stand-alone campaigns

Generate Leads & Enquiries

Combining effective email marketing with

targeted data generates leads

quickly with prospects that have

an immediate need for your services

Boost Telemarketing
Campaign Results

Increased awareness through email marketing

allows our telemarketers to reach

more decision makers and

generate more leads, of a better quality

Lead Generation

We Use email & social to generate you a steady flow of Sales Leads by,

  • Promoting your latest blogs new articles
  • Content writersCreating email journey’s stories
  • Automated triggers from website actions

We generate you high quality sales Leads and face to face meetings

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