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Web Design & Development

We create attractive B2B and B2C lead generating websites that have Beauty & Brains

For us, building your business website is about much more than just making you look fantastic. All the websites we design are optimised to improve the performance of your inbound marketing programmes.

We start by undertaking a full review and website audit of your current site.  Looking at keywords and phrasing you have used and those you might be missing.

We also look at competitors and how there websites are performing, undertaking a keyword analysis to aide in the website review.

Your website needs to look fresh, have current content, be easy to navigate but also provide the information your potential customers are looking for.  It’s a fine line when writing content – too much info and customers are overloaded and move on, to little and customers can’t find what they need and move on.

Getting the balance correct between amount of creative writing and visual images and graphics to keep a customer engaged is where Great Guns Design Team can help you succeed.

We focus on

  • Fresh eye catching and easy to navigate web designs
  • Responsive, decluttered mobile friendly sites
  • Relevant “calls to action” via contact forms
  • Valuable content in exchange for contact details

How we can help

  • Review your existing website
  • Improve your current website
  • Add ongoing extra content to your existing website
  • Design and create a whole new website

Continuous Improvement

Your website is an ongoing project and will require updating on a regular basis. By integrating your website with our Marketing Automation software you can analyse and monitor every element improving as you go along.

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