Social Media Marketing

Undertaking a focussed and well planned social media strategy is a great way of becoming a “thought leader” within your industry, pulling customers in naturally whilst also answering questions along their buying journey.

By establishing where your audience “hangs out” online, you can create a social media campaign and post relevant content with links to your website with an aim to drive more traffic to your site.

Great Guns will help you to identify where your potential customers are online – Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, You tube.

Designing content and social marketing strategies that will engage with your audience and draw them in without being pushy or trying to blatantly sell to them.

Establishing your credibility as a leader in your field is key to converting them.

Our social media business strategists can plan your campaign for our content writers and graphic designers to create.

If required we can manage the timing and posting of the campaigns and provide analytics too.

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