ADLER AND ALLAN – Telemarketing Case Study

ADLER AND ALLAN – Telemarketing Case Study


Adler and Allan is a provider of oil and environmental services. Established in 1926, their services now encompass all areas of spill response, waste management, fuel services, specialist tank services and forecourt maintenance and testing.


Adler and Allan initially had a requirement to increase their client base and sales revenue for their separator services division. They wanted us to generate appointments with companies that:

  • Have one or more separators.
  • Has surface water drains from a manmade surfaces.
  • Are likely to get oil or silt contamination from this area.
  • Have fuel filling or oil storage and equipment on site
  • Have a distribution or vehicle  fleet
  • Have Large Parking areas

It was important that the quality of appointment was high to ensure the sales costs were minimised whilst the sales revenue maximised.

We agreed a 40 man/day telemarketing campaign to allow us to feed the sales pipeline, followed by 4 days of telemarketing a month for the following 10 months. This would provide a quicker sales growth coupled with a sustainable pipeline for Adler and Allan and allow them to forecast their new business generation more accurately without peaks and troughs.


From an average of 75 calls per man/day we spoke to an average of 8 decision maker contacts a day. We converted 42% of decision maker calls to appointment, generating 129 appointments for Adler and Allan in the first 40 days, an average of over 3 appointments per day of calling.

The cost per appointment worked out to be £92 and sales revenue generated from the exercise was in excess of £100,000

This led to a return on investment of 300%

The success of the first year’s relationship enabled Alder and Allan to justify continuing using telemarketing as a strategy within the marketing mix. We are now starting the 2012/2013 activity which will comprise of database cleansing and telemarketing activity to generate appointments for other divisions of Adler and Allan.


“We considered a number of telemarketing companies but choose Great Guns because of their professionalism, experience of B2B Market place, the experience and ability of their people. They achieved the targets that we set with them and we have used them recently to complete a data base cleansing project to update contact detail etc. that they brought in under time and on budget. We have now agreed a 12 months telemarketing project for the Group.”

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