Cobra Hydro UK is a fast expanding company for the design, manufacture and installation of odour control systems, sludge dosing applications and dust suppression requirements across the United Kingdom and most recently, internationally.

Protecting the environment is always at the forefront of their minds. They therefore use environmentally friendly products such as Atom AD which is used not only in odour control equipment, but also in the food industry.

With a long track record in delivering specialised solutions to effectively tackle specific odour and dust problems. Cobra Hydro UK’s experience and expertise will eliminate odour and dust issues in a wide spectrum of industries and environments.

Cobra Hydro UK employs qualified personnel for the manufacture and installation of equipment. All equipment is produced in house and made to a high standard. Carrying out a full site survey and consult with the client at every stage of the process to ensure all requirements have been met. If required, they can also design one-off units to meet the client’s specific criteria. client’s specific criteria.

Campaign objective

Great Guns Marketing were brought on board to focus a project within a specific industry where they wanted to grow their client base. Having not worked in that sector previously Cobra Hydro were also hoping to gain market insight and feedback regarding how receptive their products and services would be.

Our approach was to:

  1. Build a list of who the key decision makers were
  2. Create brand awareness and educate prospects on the benefits via email
  3. Call the contacts to get feedback on the relevance of our products in their industry
  4. Close meetings and export interested prospects into system for further digital nurturing

Campaign results

Over 100 new decision makers details were gathered ready to be imported into a lead nurturing platform, with around 150 emails being sent, creating great brand awareness whilst also educating prospects on Cobra Hydro’s services.  We also booked several phone / F2F meetings for the inhouse sales team to pursue.

Customer comments

“Overall, we were pleased with the results. We were entering into a new industry and the campaign has given us a good insight into what is possible and the general interest. We also have a new list of names and emails to nurture further and establish exactly how big the demand really is for our services within this sector”.

Case Studies

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