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RL Solutions


RL Solutions healthcare software in an all in one system to manage and monitor patient feedback, incident reporting, risk management and infection surveillance.

It is customisable, so can be tailored to specific requirements, it can provide automation and trigger action plans automatically.  Providing analytics and complete visibility.

Campaign Objectives

Great Guns Marketing were asked to call all NHS hospitals and explore what current systems and software they were currently suing to monitor incidents, risk and feedback.

Whilst identifying the decision makers responsible for improving existing operations. Our purpose was to book face to face meetings to demo their software and establish a need, budget and timeframe.


Being fairly new to the UK market, the brand awareness that the campaign showed was priceless.

Over 100 emails were sent and there was a genuine sense of interest in the information we were trying to get across.

We booked 12 face to face meetings to demonstrate the system and created a pipeline of future opportunities to follow up.

Customer Comments

The campaign was a success. Our sales cycles can be quite long, but we have planted the seed with several new prospects which if even one converts into a customer would show us a considerable return on our investment.
Peter – Regional sales Vice President , UK & EMEA

Case Studies

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